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Re: [T3] 2 cars 2 problems

On Thu, 22 Nov 2001 20:06:12 -0600, Jim Adney wrote:

>On 22 Nov 2001, at 13:58, Mark Healey wrote:
>> Car 1 71 FI manual square.
>> It's running lean.  I suspect that it is air getting in the fuel
>> lines. When it hasn't been running for a while it takes a long time to
>> start. to test this I shorted the two connectors on the fuel pump
>> relay under the dash for about a minute before starting it.  Took off
>> the short and it started right up.  I stopped the car and shorted the
>> relay again to test the fuel pressure.  I noticed an odd sound coming
>> from the fuel pressure regulator.  The sound coming from it sounds
>> when you use your tongue to push some drool between your teeth.  Is
>> this normal or is it a sign of a LOT of air getting in the fuel lines?
>> The fuel pressure is 28.
>> I've replaced all the fuel lines at the back end of the car.  I plan
>> to replace the ones in the front when the tank is nearly dry.
>Does the tank develop a vacuum when driving? If so the vent lines
>may be clogged, which would tend to make the pump draw in air if
>there are any tiny leaks.
>With the tank full and the cap off, pull off the fuel line where the gas
>flows INTO the pump. You should get a full pencil sized stream of
>gas. If not, then the outlet screen and/or the fuel filter are clogged
>and should be cleaned/replaced. If these are clogged, then the
>suction on the inlet side of the pump can cause air to be drawn in.
>> Car 2 71 FI automatic square.
>> When I make a hard right or a fast right on a freeway entrance it
>> seems that the engine is cutting out.  I can't tell if it is ignition
>> of fuel.  I tried to duplicate it by jacking up the side of the car
>> with it running but I guess I can't get the side high enough to mimic
>> the centrifugal force that is causing the problem.  How to I find the
>> problem with this?
>If this happens only on a nearly empty tank, it is normal.

No, It happens on a full tank as much as a nearly empty tank.

I doubt it is crud in the tank either.  About 2 years ago (probably
3000 miles) I had to remove the tank to change the steering box and
gas flowed out freely.

>than that, look for wires that could short if moved. You might get a
>second person to just watch a timing light while you do this; they
>don't have to be watching the timing marks, just the flashes to see
>if you still have ignition (flashes) while this is happening.

If it was ignition wouldn't there be backfiring?

I've considered puting an LED inline with the fuel pump wire to see if
it is cutting out.  I don't know how long it will last but it might be
long enough.  Anybody have any thought on this?

Mark Healey
71 FI auto square
71 FI manual square

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