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Re: [T3] Converting a 65 Notch to 12v

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> On Thursday 22 November 2001 04:29, James Ramsay wrote:
> >
> > My other half doesn't know it yet but she really wants an early notch.
> >
> > I have found a very promising one but it is currently 6v and I would
> > to make it 12v for practicallity (I live in a cold, dark country)
> >
> > I am wondering how easy this conversion will be and where I will have
> > problems.  Can most parts be interchanged from a late 12v T3 donor.
> >
> The wiper assembly should fit right in if it is from a '67 thru '69 donor
> car. Get the wiper switch too and the wiring.
> Rocky Mountain Motor Works lists a transistorized voltage drop, for about
> $20. And it has a built in variable speed control.
Whereabouts in the UK are you, James? I have an early-style 12v wiper motor
that will (should) fit your car. I'm in the South-east (Gatwick Airport).

> > I am most concerned about the 6v Flywheel - can I still mate up a 12v
> > Starter?
> >
I also have a 12v 200mm flywheel if you want.

> The 6V flywheel will not work with a 12V starter. 6V=109 teeth, 12V=130
> I have always just left the 6V starter in place. It will last many years,
> running on 12V. It just spins the engine a LOT faster. The last one I
> converted lasted over 5 years, and then it was not the starter that
> it was the teeth on the flywheel.
> > What about other parts?
> >
> > 12v Dynamo - will it bolt up same
> > Wiper Motor (Can it fit a 12v motor and linkages/spindles)
> > Regulator (no problems?)
> > Bulbs (Straight swap out?)
> > Fuel Pump (will this be mechanical so okey?)
> > Coil, Points, Dizzy (no problems)
> > What have I missed?
> >
> The 12V dynamo/generator may not fit on your 6V fan shroud. They are 2
> different diameters. You may have to change the fan shroud.

And a fan shroud, although the generator might need repairing.
> All you need to change is the coil, not the points or distributor.
> You will have to change the electric choke element, and the idle shut off
> solenoid on the carb.
Probably can't help with those bits, though!
Let me know if you want stuff.

> > The car is a 1500 S - single carb and is a 1965 model.
> >

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