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[T3] Happy with my dual carbs, back on the road!

<x-charset iso-8859-1>YAHOOOOOO!!!!!

Hello all!!

I just wanted to say my husband has my car all set up with the dual carbs
now and I am so happy!!  I 've been driving all over town...its been about 9
months since I've been able to drive my car. I feel like I got my old friend
back! Thank you for all your posts supporting the choice to go to dual
carbs.  It was a very had decision for me..but... it was either that or have
my husband have an "accident" in my car.  I also appreciate the offers of
help with keeping the FI, if I didn't have to rely on my car for daily
transportation and had more money, I would of kept trying...but, I did what
I had  to do.  TRUST ME, we tried everything that we could afford to try and
test, etc.

My husband is still tinkering with the settings and I'm still getting used
how to start it, especially since its gotten cold here now, but, I knew that
was going to happen.

Our next project is to install a fan motor (or 2) to have my heater actually
blow heat.  We were looking at a marina supply shop that has little fan
motors and my husband said he'd like to get 2 little fan motors and somehow
install a speed control switch too. Has anyone ever tried this? I dont' want
to buy the "kits" they have out there, they are ridiculously expensive.
Thanks for all the words of wisdom!!
Its wonderful to be back on the road again!!!!!
If anyone would like to see my work in progress, my page for my car is at:
Pamela Peeples
'73 Squareback, Daily Driver AGAIN!! YAHOOOO!!
Prescott Valley, AZ

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