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Re: [T3] Type 3 sighting in Jerusalem!

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> Big bumpers, big tail lights, big turn signals are all signs of 70-73

Well, it had all of those, so it must be a late one. Inside, it only had an
indicator stalk on the steering column. Didn't the really late ones have two
stalks, one for the wipers or something? If so, does this make it a 70-71?

> > The really interesting thing about it was that the rear side windows had
> > been replaced with metal to make a kind of small commercial van. Is it
> > possible this was original? It was done really neatly and didn't look
> > improvised at all.
> All side windows (except door of course) or only the rearmost windows? If
> windows were metal, it probably was an original panel van. My dad had one
> those, a 1964. If only the rear most windows had metal panels, it could
> be a regular Variant with filled in windows, or a panel with middle panels
> replaced by windows.

It was only the rearmost windows.

Simon, next time I go to Jerusalem I'll make sure I take a camera. Hopefully
the owner works somewhere nearby and always parks near there. Also, right
opposite there was one of the cleanest '60s Beetles I have seen, maybe I'll
get some pictures of that too.


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