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Re: [T3] Type 3 sighting in Jerusalem!


If that car was a Type3 Variant panel van it was rare even in the 1960s and
1970s when they were made but being a commercial vehicle they lead a tough life
and so few have survived to this day.  If you see it again, please try to take
a photo of it.  The Type3 panel van is extremely rare nowdays.


Simon Glen
Toowoomba, Australia.

Daniel Baum wrote:

> Hi all,
> I was wandering about in central Jerusalem today when i came across a
> metallic blue Variant parked on the other side of the street.
> I couldn't say what year it was, I don't know enough about the "ordinary"
> type 3s to tell. I got a really good look at it so give me some pointers and
> I could work out the year.
> It was in pretty good condition. It looked like it could be made really nice
> in a couple of weeks, just by relacing a couple of lenses, recovering the
> dash pad, replacing missing scripts etc.
> The really interesting thing about it was that the rear side windows had
> been replaced with metal to make a kind of small commercial van. Is it
> possible this was original? It was done really neatly and didn't look
> improvised at all.
> Regards,
> Daniel Baum
> '69 T34 automatic.

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