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Re: [T3] seven questions for thanksgiving

Russ Wolfe wrote:

> > 3.  i wanted the CR to be around 7.0 and the guy did it, but it seems like
> > there is a lot of the machined part of the cylinder, at the head end,
> > showing.  should i be worried?  (i'm using cb performance 044 heads)  if i
> > wanted to change it later is it very involved?  is it something that i
> > should take the time to do right, now.  will my cylinders crack or
> > something?
> >
> He has installed shims between the cylinder and the head to lower the CR.
> This should not be any problem.

I thought the shims should sit between the cylinder and case, not between cyl.
and head. This is to keep compression leaks to a minimum of course.

> > 4.  i heard the Type 3 "cool tin" helped keep the cylinders cooler so i
> > have a set to use.  these are the tins that go under the cylinders and are
> > really big compared to the little dinky 3 by 3 inch peices i had there on
> > my old engine.  is this "cool tin" really cool?
> >
> You have to pull the heads to install the these parts. There may be a fit up
> problem with the tin pieces under the fan shroud, but it can be worked out.

They fit quite well, my car had these stock. These are called "forget-tins" by
many tuners, because they are easy to forget before you install the heads and
pushrod tubes.

73 Variant L

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