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Re: [T3] Converting a 65 Notch to 12v

<x-charset iso-8859-1>This is another FAQ that ought to be on the Website.

JamesR=> it is currently 6v and I would want to
=> make it 12v for practicallity (I live in a cold, dark country)

Welcome to the list! The general consensus is that converting from 6 to 12V
isn't really a matter of starting power, but rather more important for
powering a modern sound system, like that. 6V systems can seem less reliable
in certain situations, but that's more a matter of age and corrosion than
design. If you're willing to do the work of conversion, and it's
considerable, I'd encourage you to first put in the work of cleaning up the
6V system and see how well you like it. You'll need to do this much anyway
for the 12V system, as old and cruddy wiring works just as poorly at any

Starter: Your choices are staying with the 6v one for as long as it lasts,
or changing to a 12V flywheel and starter. This will involve relieving some
clearance in the bell housing as well, and a new starter bushing.

Engine: New coil, choke elements, electric cutoff jet if you have one (or
switch to a non-electric cutoff jet). The chokes can be hard to find.

Charging system: The stock 12V generators are larger in diameter. Your
choices are to change out the fan housing for the 12V version or have your
6V generator rewound to 12V (which is thought to be somewhat less reliable).
I've heard it's also possible to find a Porsche generator that fits, but I
haven't seen one. New regulator and battery.

Wipers: Change to later 12V motor and switch (fits OK) or a voltage drop.
Changing motors involves nearly complete disassembly of the dash.

Lights: All bulbs, of course. You'll also need to give up your dash dimmer
in favor of a 12V switch (or risk destroying that relatively rare part).

Misc:  12V flasher relay and headlight relay. 12V fuel guage (sender stays
the same).

Steven Ayres
'66 Big Ghia (now 12V)

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