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Re: [T3] Converting a 65 Notch to 12v

<x-charset iso-8859-1>On Thursday 22 November 2001 04:29, James Ramsay wrote:
> Hello to everybody - Im new to the list - Uk-based with a 72 Fastback and
> 66 bus.
> My other half doesn't know it yet but she really wants an early notch.
> I have found a very promising one but it is currently 6v and I would want
> to make it 12v for practicallity (I live in a cold, dark country)
> I am wondering how easy this conversion will be and where I will have
> problems.  Can most parts be interchanged from a late 12v T3 donor.
The wiper assembly should fit right in if it is from a '67 thru '69 donor 
car. Get the wiper switch too and the wiring.
Rocky Mountain Motor Works lists a transistorized voltage drop, for about 
$20. And it has a built in variable speed control.

> I am most concerned about the 6v Flywheel - can I still mate up a 12v
> Starter?
The 6V flywheel will not work with a 12V starter. 6V=109 teeth, 12V=130 teeth.
I have always just left the 6V starter in place. It will last many years, 
running on 12V. It just spins the engine a LOT faster. The last one I 
converted lasted over 5 years, and then it was not the starter that failed, 
it was the teeth on the flywheel.
> What about other parts?
> 12v Dynamo - will it bolt up same
> Wiper Motor (Can it fit a 12v motor and linkages/spindles)
> Regulator (no problems?)
> Bulbs (Straight swap out?)
> Fuel Pump (will this be mechanical so okey?)
> Coil, Points, Dizzy (no problems)
> What have I missed?
The 12V dynamo/generator may not fit on your 6V fan shroud. They are 2 
different diameters. You may have to change the fan shroud.

All you need to change is the coil, not the points or distributor.

You will have to change the electric choke element, and the idle shut off 
solenoid on the carb.

> The car is a 1500 S - single carb and is a 1965 model.
> I have been watching this list for the last week and it is great to hear
> people talk with confidence about FI systems (which I have on the Fastback)
> and to pick up some tips on how to check this out - thanks to all for these
> contributions!

Russ Wolfe
'71 Fastback AT
'66 Fastback MT (IT RUNS)

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