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[T3] Converting a 65 Notch to 12v


Hello to everybody - Im new to the list - Uk-based with a 72 Fastback and 66 

My other half doesn't know it yet but she really wants an early notch.

I have found a very promising one but it is currently 6v and I would want to 
make it 12v for practicallity (I live in a cold, dark country)

I am wondering how easy this conversion will be and where I will have 
problems.  Can most parts be interchanged from a late 12v T3 donor.

I am most concerned about the 6v Flywheel - can I still mate up a 12v 

What about other parts?

12v Dynamo - will it bolt up same
Wiper Motor (Can it fit a 12v motor and linkages/spindles)
Regulator (no problems?)
Bulbs (Straight swap out?)
Fuel Pump (will this be mechanical so okey?)
Coil, Points, Dizzy (no problems)
What have I missed?

The car is a 1500 S - single carb and is a 1965 model.

I have been watching this list for the last week and it is great to hear 
people talk with confidence about FI systems (which I have on the Fastback) 
and to pick up some tips on how to check this out - thanks to all for these 



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