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[T3] seven questions for thanksgiving

<x-charset iso-8859-1>building up a 1776 (92's, i know, not reccommended...) longblock a local guy
did for me and i have a few questions:

1.  it's a -new- case (brazilian) and i'm using an old oil cooler.  so, i
use the green seals with no spacers, right?

2.  the stud for the cooler was the M8 (13mm nut), so i just put in a longer
stud and drilled out my cooler a little wider in the hole area and it fits
over the new, longer stud.  is this acceptable for long term?

3.  i wanted the CR to be around 7.0 and the guy did it, but it seems like
there is a lot of the machined part of the cylinder, at the head end,
showing.  should i be worried?  (i'm using cb performance 044 heads)  if i
wanted to change it later is it very involved?  is it something that i
should take the time to do right, now.  will my cylinders crack or

4.  i heard the Type 3 "cool tin" helped keep the cylinders cooler so i have
a set to use.  these are the tins that go under the cylinders and are really
big compared to the little dinky 3 by 3 inch peices i had there on my old
engine.  is this "cool tin" really cool?

5.  should i use the louvered chrome metal plate that goes between the
breather stand and the case?  it comes with the standard gasket set.  if it
do, it makes the holes for the fan shroud too high (2 gaskets so no metal on
metal, plus metal louvered thingy).

6.  anyone remember how long the hoses need to be made for a full-flow oil
filter?  i'm getting the steel braided hose with the crimped, permanent ends
made down at the local hose place.

7.  i guess a correlated question is;  what is the best location for
mounting an oil filter?  i don't want it to show too easily.  how about the
rear part of the engine compartment, right behind the fan housing?

sorry so many questions, but you guys have the answers so i can't resist....

thanks and Happy Thanksgiving,

Dan Hoopes
'67 Square, "Stanley"
Provo, UT

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