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Re: [T3] Is a 1776cc practical in a squareback w/FI?

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> ive seen other 1776s with the d-jet.  it works fine.
> just remember that you need to keep the compression
> ratio at 7.7:1 for the d-jet to work properly.
Its not the compression ratio that is critical for FI, its the cam. CR is
important in keeping the engine cool.

 also i
> would suggest taking GBs advice with a healthy grain
> of salt.  i have herd of plenty of 1776s and even
> stroker motors with CR in the 8:1 range in type3s that
> have ran just fine and lasted just as long as a bug
> engine.  just remember in a type3 keep the bore at
> 90.5 or smaller(1776, 2007, 2110 all work fine).
I did a poll on 1776's before I got my GB 1679, I couldnt find anyone out
there in T3 land at the time (2 years ago) with over 65K on a 1776 with the
T3 cooling system.  I was looking for cold hard mileage numbers, not the
usual "years" or "a long time" you hear.  Your right about the stroker
motors, they will last just fine but the thick walled 88's are as much as
you can go in a T3 if you want to see 100K with it. the problems with
strokers is the cost of the crank.

> from the sources ive seen GB engines(super low
> compression ratio with semi-hemi heads) are VERY hard
> to tune, they run hot, and they tend to get poor fuel
> economy as they have to be run very rich, and they
> dont produce much power.
My Notch is indeed very hard to tune but only during the warmup curve. its
not the engine, its the lack of ability to change the amount and duration of
the choke curve. it runs just fine at temp and the gas mileage is in the
upper 20's, just where I want it with 1 jet size larger.  My engine does not
run hot and I have an accurate gauge on it... hot engines are from too high
a CR, I learned this the hard way on a motor long ago with fly cut heads.
ALOT of people have thier carbbed cars set up WAY too rich... and this will
not only kill fuel economy as you mentioned but cut engine life roughly in
half.  Ill document my conversion to FI when I do it probably in 2003 or so.


if your running carbs you
> can get away with CR in the 8:1 range on a street car.
>  just remember the FI needs 7.7:1

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