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Re: [T3] Help Help

On 21 Nov 2001, at 13:10, Lauren Shaw wrote:

> Here's my problem: I own a '71 Squareback. All is running well, just 
> recenlty had the valves adjusted. Everything is great. Last night I drove up to
> Northern California from Los Angeles. It was about a seven hour drive. I stopped
> twice along the way just to let my baby rest. About 10minutes away from my house
> the oil light started coming on. I kept driving (bad I know) and stopped at
> home. I went to check the oil, and there was a large amount of it all over the
> back of my car. It leaked out of the oil filler pipe. I don't know how exactly
> this would happen. It came all the way up the pipe and leaked out onto the
> exterior of my car.

The filler pipe comes up out of the engine and is joined to the body pipe by a 
rubber bellows. The top of the body pipe is capped by the filler/dipstick. 
Where did your oil leak out, at the bellows, or at the cap?

If the bellows is torn you need to replace it. If the gasket in the cap is broken 
you should just get a different cap with an intact gasket.

I have both parts if you need them.

It's unusual for this to happen. It makes me wonder if the hose from the 
breather housing to the air cleaner is blocked or kinked. If that were so, then 
pressure could build up in the case and push oil back up the filler pipe. That 
system on a 71 is pretty simple, so there is not much that could go wrong 
with it.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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