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Re: [T3] 180mm clutch in IRS tranny

On 20 Nov 2001, at 23:34, Daniel P McKellip wrote:

> Anyone out there know if a 180mm flywheel and clutch can be used in a 69 IRS
> tranny. I blew the motor in the 69 and am trying to find the easiest possible
> way to put a 64 1500s motor in. Along those lines what tin has to be swapped to
> fit my 12v generator? I know I'll have to use an adapter plate on the oil pump
> studs but this is just a temporary fix until I get my monster motor finished and
> I'm trying to do it with parts I already have. Jim A are you out there?

I'm here.

I think I already explained your options re the flywheel; your best option is to 
have Berg install a 12V ring gear on the original 180mm 6V flywheel.

If the generators are the same diameter, I don't think there are any other 
mods this will need.

I strongly recommend that you NOT do this because of the oil pump studs. 
The "adaptors" are poorly designed anyway, but your early engine will have 
6mm oil pump studs which will be even weaker. You're talking about a lot of 
work just to lead up to a big disappointment and the destruction of a good 
early motor.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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