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Re: [T3] New member, hello, and Qs

<x-charset iso-8859-1>From: "Jim Adney" <jadney@vwtype3.org>
> > I've just got hold of a tatty fastback for parts. The interior seems a
> > unusual (apart from the layer of mould!):
> > - Rear seat has folding centre rest.
> > - Doors have "Z" shaped full length arm rest.
> > - Window winders are solid polished metal (part # 311 837 583A)
> > - Door latches have solid polished metal surrounds (part # 311 837 235)
> Your parts car is just an older model; 67 or earlier, I believe.

The rest of the car is definitely '72 - the UK registration is year related
and almost always correct.
I think Tom Hansen has answered the door / trim question ?

> > Also, our on our '73 the window trim is faded T-section chromed plastic,
but on
> > the '72 its shiny C-section aluminium with one side of the C embedded in
> > rubber. Would it be a terrible thing to put the nice '72 window trim on
our '73,
> > from an originality POV? Obviously the rubbers would have to swap too,
> > they're OK on the '72. There are many areas on the '73 which I could
tidy up,
> > but I'd like to keep it as authentic & original as poss.
> Only SOME of the 73s came with this cheap plastic trim. I think it would
> fine to swap it out. Is this 72 a THIRD car? I don't think a 72 should
have the
> parts you described above.

No, just got two :-) It seems that the yellow one is more of a parts car
than I thought!


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