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Re: [T3] New member, hello, and Qs

<x-charset iso-8859-1>From: "Tom Hansen" <DrSoWatt@worldnet.att.net>

> After looking at your parts '72 fasty, here's my best guess based on my
> limited early and late knowledge. A '67 gave up its doors for your car at
> sometime. There is the yellow mis-match between the body and doors and
> look like original paint colors. The early door locks and the latest and
> last style of Zee armrests, got the chrome strips on them and mounted on
> one piece door panels. It has the door lock pull up in the window area
> instead of the on the door latch, a first in '67 .
> But then the oddities show up on that door. It has the '68 and later vent
> window handles, later black door latch pulls but with the early ivory
> cups. Plus the hinge compatibility, either it has the factory adapter
> hinges, not likely due to the condition of the paint (when factory parts
> were available, the car would have been painted to match), or the doors
> made after the early 66 model change. The winders are also different. That
> winder needs a screw to hold it on and '67 and older were the hair pin
> style.

Right, this explains a lot. What my photos didn't show was the RH door has
the lock in with the latch pull. And an ivory cup. And the 1/4 light opening
mechanism is different to the LH. The LH door seems later, with the trim
applied retrospectively. It as a black plastic winder, but the original was
in a box inside the car.

> > I've just got hold of a tatty fastback for parts. The interior seems a
> > unusual (apart from the layer of mould!):
> > - Rear seat has folding centre rest.

> standard issue in most fastys but the bottom trim levels.

Our red 1600E is obviously bottom of the range (except it has a clock).

> > Is this some special trim package ? What years was it available ?
> A lower level, came without a clock

Ah, this explains the spring clipped circular trim panel which is clock
sized. Its bottom centre in pic00020.
I thought it was some form of speaker grille!

> Tom

Thanks for all the info.


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