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Re: [T3] Who Needs FI parts?

<x-charset iso-8859-1>I have rear seat bottoms in black.  Thanks for making the FI avail, I have
alot of requests but am only going to recon the newer systems as of now.
There are many who can use it though.


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Subject: [T3] Who Needs FI parts?

> Hi! My 68 Fastback was converted to a carb a long time ago. Because of
> I'm not going to even try to get the FI system going again.  It's only
> be a toy car so the carb problems dont matter to me.
> Anyway I removed all the FI system stuff, and have a few spares of things.
> First, A 1968 Computer and wiring harness.  All the factory connectors are
> still there, as fasr as I can tell.  All the spade connectors are still
> there.  There is ONE broken wire, it's a single white one that comes out
> the harness all by itself.
> I have a few manifold center pieces, maybe they have switches and things
> them, I havnt looked.
> I have a few other misc things, I dunno what they are.  Looks like a Fuel
> Pump,  a few things that look like a pump, but only have one hose inlet.
> I have some other things, I can look if you have requests...
> I figure I'll give the list a chance before E-bay.  I dont know what
> anything is worth or if it works.
> I really need the bottom half of the back seat..
> Thanks!
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