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Re: [T3] New member, hello, and Qs

<x-charset iso-8859-1>After looking at your parts '72 fasty, here's my best guess based on my
limited early and late knowledge. A '67 gave up its doors for your car at
sometime. There is the yellow mis-match between the body and doors and both
look like original paint colors. The early door locks and the latest and
last style of Zee armrests, got the chrome strips on them and mounted on the
one piece door panels. It has the door lock pull up in the window area
instead of the on the door latch, a first in '67 .

But then the oddities show up on that door. It has the '68 and later vent
window handles, later black door latch pulls but with the early ivory finger
cups. Plus the hinge compatibility, either it has the factory adapter
hinges, not likely due to the condition of the paint (when factory parts
were available, the car would have been painted to match), or the doors were
made after the early 66 model change. The winders are also different. That
winder needs a screw to hold it on and '67 and older were the hair pin

> Hello - I've been lurking on the list ever since we bought our T3 in June.
> There's too much traffic to keep up daily, but now I have some questions
> you great sages :-).

Glad to have you along.

> I've just got hold of a tatty fastback for parts. The interior seems a bit
> unusual (apart from the layer of mould!):
> - Rear seat has folding centre rest.

standard issue in most fastys but the bottom trim levels.

> - Window winders are solid polished metal (part # 311 837 583A)

Same pt.# as the '67 only black knobed chrome handles I have here (which are
for sale).

> Is this some special trim package ? What years was it available ?

A lower level, came without a clock

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