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Re: [T3] Is a 1776cc practical in a squareback w/FI?

On 19 Nov 2001, at 23:39, Mark Mcatee wrote:

> I have a 1969 squareback that is fuel injected (1600cc). It has a ton of
> miles but runs half-decent. At some point I will need to rebuild it and I
> would like to beef it up. Gene Berg suggests that a 1776 might not last as
> long in a squareback and I haven't seen anything about how it would work
> with the fuel injection. Any suggestions on a good modification to this
> motor?

That's only a 10% increase, so my guess is that the FI could handle it. You 
might want to increase the fuel pressure about 10% at the same time, to 

> Also the pressure sensor has been tampered with, does anyone know were the
> adjustment screw should be set? Should it be turned all the way clockwise?

This is a BIG problem, because there are lots of tampered ones out there, 
and no one knows how to get them back. I really need to figure out a way to 
do this. For now, you are stuck with trial and error, and the possibility that 
you could borrow a good one to get everything else working properly first, 
then swap in your tampered one and start playing around. The correct setting 
will be with the screw set somewhat below the surface, somewhere between 
1-2mm recessed.

> One last Q.: I also have a 1970 squareback, it has a new starter but it
> almost doesn't crank at all, even with a very good battery. When the car was
> running well it would start with this very weak crank, but I robbed some
> ignition parts for my '69 and when I put them back (timing is now off, etc.) it
> doesn't start. Is this possibly a ground problem? Suggestions? Thanks, Mark M.

If it doesn't crank well, then I would fix that first. Check the ground strap 
between the front of the transmission and the body. Then check the bronze 
bushing that the rear end of the starter shaft rides in. That is pressed into the 
transmission housing and should be replaced when the starter is replaced, 
but few people do and these are often worn out by now and completely shot.

You'll need to adjust the timing before you try to start it again.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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