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Re: [T3] Fring order

<x-charset iso-8859-1>One more thing occurs to me. You did check that there's petrol in the tank
didn't you? I know someone who once tried for two hours to start a 1969
Automatic T34 only to find that it was out of petrol!

Daniel Baum
1969 Automatic T34

> Hi all,
> I'm new to this list so excuse me for asking questions that you all know
the answers to.
> I recently got hold of a 1969 Type 3 AT fastback, but I'm having problems
to get it started. I don't have a manual and have received differing answers
on my questions?
> 1: What's the firing order? I have a Beetle as well, firing order 1432
with 1 rear right. I thought the T3 was the same, but my Auto Digest say
1342. All the high tension leads were removed when I got the car.
> 2: Which is no 1 ? When I use right rear as no 1, the timing marks is
somewhere on the bottom when it fires. I presume the timing marks should be
in the vertical position when no 1 fires? I know that the rotor should point
at the slot in the dizzy body for no 1. I verified that right rear was on
the compression stroke when the rotor points to that cylinder.
> 3: The carbs were dirty and I took them off and cleaned them. What should
be a good setting for the idling to get it started? 2 turns out from
completely in?
> 4: I got it running for 30 seconds one time, as soon as I touched the
accelarator linkage it died, couldn't get it going again. Any one with
suggestions to start from scratch?
> Btw, I'm in South Africa, and I really want to salvage this car. It need a
complete paint job, it has some rust on the floor pan, but I think it will
be a great car once I get it running again.
> Cheers,
> Chris
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