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[T3] New member, hello, and Qs

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Dear all,

Hello - I've been lurking on the list ever since we bought our T3 in June.
There's too much traffic to keep up daily, but now I have some questions for
you great sages :-).

I've just got hold of a tatty fastback for parts. The interior seems a bit
unusual (apart from the layer of mould!):
- Rear seat has folding centre rest.
- Doors have "Z" shaped full length arm rest.
- Window winders are solid polished metal (part # 311 837 583A)
- Door latches have solid polished metal surrounds (part # 311 837 235)

Is this some special trim package ? What years was it available ?

Also, our on our '73 the window trim is faded T-section chromed plastic, but
on the '72 its shiny C-section aluminium with one side of the C embedded in
the rubber.
Would it be a terrible thing to put the nice '72 window trim on our '73,
from an originality POV?
Obviously the rubbers would have to swap too, but they're OK on the '72.
There are many areas on the '73 which I could tidy up, but I'd like to keep
it as authentic & original as poss.

Here are some photos so you can get to know the cars:
Our nice 1600E Fastback:
Our nasty parts car:
(These URLs won't last long since I'm a cheapskate and won't pay for
photopoint membership :-)

I intend stripping the parts car for my own uses, but I know this is a great
crime :-). I haven't the time to restore it but would be happy to move it on
to someone who is, with most of the parts too. Let me know if you're
interested, or want a list of the parts. The body has the usual corrosion,
but isn't terrible. The pan seems solid but I haven't been underneath yet.

Sorry to hit you with so much in one go! Thanks for any help.


'73 VW1600E Fastback.
'87 Golf 8v GTi
('72 VW1600 Fastback parts car)
'91 FJ1200 3XW
(other misc motorbikes in the shed & garden!).

List info at http://www.vwtype3.org/list or mailto:help@vwtype3.org


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