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Re: [T3] Interesting item on eBay-AOL web site item#598043785: Volkswagen : RARE Type 1 Brasilia

This particular two-door Brasilia (VW Type 102) has been for sale since
at least the beginning of this year, at first privately, then with
Oldbug and now on Ebay.

Frankly, if I had the money to buy it and pay for shipping, I would have
bought it months ago.  It is a gem.

As for parts and service, it should be no problem even for a
non-mechanic like myself.  The floorpan is basically that of a Type 14
Karmann Ghia; it has a ball-joint Beetle front axle; engine with Type
1,2,3 universal case and simple swing axle gearbox and rear torsion bar
suspension.  And, this particular vehicle seems to be in good condition
with a very low mileage.

The Brasilia has not even the remotest technical or mechanical
connection with a Type 4 (411 and 412).  A Type 4 has a monocoque body
shell and no floorpan, coil springs front and rear, a totally different
aluminium motor, etc, etc.  There is perhaps a hint of the VW corporate
styling of the day in the treatment of the headlights.  This is the
so-called "Leiding nose" but the styling, shape and structure of the
body is as connected to a 411 or 412 as the Ford Explorer's nose is
connected to the Ford F-100 pickup's nose.  It is merely a corporate
style.  The vehicles are very different.

I have drooled over my computer leyboard for months now while looking at
pictures of this lovely little Brasilia.!!!!!!!!!!

(And, just to correct some of the hype that the sellers have written to
promote the sale of this car, the Brasilia was never sold in South
Africa.  It is totally unknown there.  It was, however, CKD-assembled in
four-door form, at the Volkswagen factory at Lagos in Nigeria.  Nigeria
is as far away from South Africa as Texas is from Peru.)

Simon Glen
Toowoomba,  Australia.

"Erkson, Toby" wrote:

> Well Jeb, whatcha tink o' this thar car?
> Well, Bubba, lewks like someone left a Rabbit an' a Type IV alone in da
> gee-roge one nite an' dats whut dey got!
> I don't know diddly about dem foreign cars.  This is more like Simon's
> territory so I'll bow out to the experts on this one.  Like the Empi's :)
> And it doesn't look like too bad of a car and a rather interesting parts bin
> conglomeration.  Good luck finding parts in the US (I think it may be
> possible but it'd be difficult).
>    Toby Erkson
>    air_cooled_nut@pobox.com

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