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Re: [T3] How many miles till rebuild?

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Ill second Russ here, when I did my valve job with around 60K on the heads
there were 2 valves that were starting to burn, #3 exaust was OK but
mishapen and sunken into the head from cheap aftermarket head material.  and
there was ALOT of carbon buildup under the intake valve that was impeding
flow and greatly reducing my low end pickup.

I do almost ALL highway driving, and I think that is harder on the valves.


> As a VW mechanic of over 30 years, I have always recommended up to 60K
> on the valves. The bottom end/bearings depend on how the car is driven,
> the loads put on it. The automatic will get more miles out of the bearings
> than a manual trans, as engine is harder to hot rod, and the tranny makes
> decisions on when to shift.
> When rebuilding the bottom end, I recommend putting in case savers, and
> a line bore on the bearing journals. An external oil filter is a a plus,
> the engine should go over 100K miles with proper oil changes.
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> Russ Wolfe
> '71 Fastback AT
> '66 Fastback MT (IT RUNS)
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> http://www.classicvw.org
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