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RE: [T3] The safety FAQ


What is your basis for the structural integrity lost when a full length rag
top is installed? 

I don't think this is true particularly in a Squareback. The black screwed
in cross supports can't offer much structurally. I believe that these only
keep the roof from loosing its shape in the instance of objects placed on
the roof. 

The only cross support that could offer some structural reinforcement is the
larger welded in support close to the rear (of a Squareback). If a rag top
is installed correctly, this support is unaffected. I'm not an engineer, but
the strength is in the pillars and the perimeter of the roof, not the roof

If you cut the roof off and made, uh, a roadster, that's a whole new
ballgame. All integrity in a rollover is lost. The windshield frame, and A
pillars aren't enough to support the car. A rollbar would be a necessity.

I'm not sure about the Fastback or the Notchback, but I believe these would
even more integrity given the smaller roof surface. Has anyone had the
headliner out of these cars? My Notch has the headliner intact.

Your trickery isn't working on people who've succumbed to the dark side.




Phillip Bradfield


1969 Variant - Savanna beige, No engine, Chopped 3.5 in.

1968 Variant - Granada red, No engine, with 67 euro fenders

1963 1500 - Ruby red, 1600 with dual Solex carburetors

19?? Sandrail - Primer, 1835 with dual 40 Dellortos

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