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[T3] Clutch Problems

How can you tell if your clutch is gone?  I think mine is.  

I finally got the car to idle smoothly and repaired all the fuel leaks and started on my
CSV repairs only to test drive the car with no power.  (It seems that for every problem I
fix on the car a different and much larger/more expensive one pops up, oye vey.)  

I could only get up to 10mph in 1st and only to about 22 mph in second.  I'm assuming my
clutch skipped town.  I couldn't get enough speed to shift to third gear.  Now, with no
load on the engine (in neutral), I was able to get the engine to run at about 3500 RPM
without a hitch.  In response to a post about the emissions I posted and that my car
might be running rich, I also tested the voltage at that RPM and it was 13.5V which
seemed a little low... I'm not sure how this may or may not affect things.  When I test
drove again this morning, it appeared that when I pressed one the accelerator there was a
limit to the speed of the car (i.e. 22MPH in second) but it did sound like the engine was
increasing in RPMS with no increase in speed.  

I know I cannot replace the clutch so I'm just looking to gather enough information and
eliminate other possibilities before I take the car to a mechanic where I'm guessing this
will be quite pricey.

Thanks, jim

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