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Re: [T3] How many miles till rebuild?

On 19 Nov 2001, at 7:30, STEVEN.ANDERSON@af-group.com wrote:

> What is the average mileage on a stock engine before a rebuild? How many
> times can an engine be rebuilt? on average? how about a poll.

In my opinion, the late engines with dual relief valve cases should go 100-
130kmi before a rebuild. The heads may need to be worked on more often, 
depending on how hard they are driven.

AT seems to be easier on the engines, AC is harder.

You can probably get 4 rebuilds on a case if you just do a careful stock 
rebuild. If you go to balanced parts and a counterweighted crank then there 
should be no limit to the number of rebuilds.

My experience with rebuilds is that I add a full flow filter, case savers, 
balancing, and a CW crank and find that there is no more wear on the 
bottom end. This is a rather stock rebuild that I put a lot of time and care 
into. I think I could just replace valves and rings for a long time, with 
occasional new pistons and cylinders. My engines have always outlasted the 
cars, which is a mixed ;-) & ;-(  .

I'm currently driving an AT 73 which just passed 100,000 mi and has never 
been opened up for any major service. I really need to finish some of my 
other projects so that I can pull this to at least do a valve job. Exhaust valves 
need to be REPLACED at every opportunity with good quality ones.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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