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Re: [T3] my stock FI is a wonerfull

<x-charset iso-8859-1>There is nothing you should be adjusting on that system other than the fuel
pressure and throttle switch and thats a one time thing.  Connectors to the
Brains are not a problem, I think your problems are elsewhere like perhaps
dirty trigger points.  You can take a pair of tweezers and CAREFULLY pinch
the little arms on the connectors togeather a bit, you probably arent
seating the connector properly, it takes a little bit of care and watching
how things are supposed to go togeather but you shouldnt be having problems
here if things are togeather correctly.


> I have a stock FI in a 69 Fastback and spent about a year working out the
> kinks only to find a major source of weird headaches is the connections
> inside the connector block to the brain-other than that its a fine system.
> But I will say it requires zen like process, in other words slight
> adjustments-drive for days-slight adjustments.  Mine has not responded
> to massive wrenching then expectiong it to run strong as a jetta.  I have
> heard of soldering the brain harness to the brain but I just have not got
> around to doing it.  So I just leave it lay in the engine compartment and
> it stalls or runns funny I'll go back and turn it over.  I tried to put
> contact grease on the connections but no luck. Although last week drove I
> to Beverly Hills from SD and had not a problem.
> People are noticing our cars more and more everybody!  It's cool driving
> something different!
> John E.

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