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Re: [T3] Anyone POSITIVE about carbs?

<x-charset iso-8859-1>I've only had carbs on my Type3s, as the FI is not common in the UK. I guess
that makes me quite keen on them. They've mostly been stock Solexes, except
I fitted Baby Dellortos on my '68 Square. That had a 1641 with a 110 cam,
and was pretty quick, but I'm sure it would have been "nicer" to drive with
the Solexes. My last Square had the FI ripped out by the PO, so I had to
convert that to carbs as half the bits were missing, but I would have stuck
with the FI if it had been there.
IMHO The moral is to keep it stock(-ish) if you're not going for hi-po

And Dave H is right, you can get nasty splinters from sitting on the fence!

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From: "Pamela Peeples" <Type3VWSquareback@hotmail.com>

> Dear Jim and fellow members,
> I am just curious. I've read all the posts that promote staying with EFI
> I have yet to come across anyone really positive about dual carb's. I
> understand staying with EFI is the best scenario; but is anyone out there
> happy with their dual carbs???  I would like to hear from people that have
> POSITIVE experiences with dual carb type 3's. Please, take a few minutes
> give me hope.

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