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Re: [T3] anyone positive about carbs?

<x-charset iso-8859-1>On Saturday 17 November 2001 10:52, type3guy wrote:
> yes, very much so...the only thing positive about the FI to me is if it
> is modern, with anti knock sensors and the works...otherwise the old
> stock FI is too limiting in engine configurations, expensive to fix 'if'
> a part fails and only marginaly better at starting in the cold of winter.
> you have to run a cam with stock duration for the FI to work correctly
> ever priced a brain? 

Hmm, I have 2 "D" brains here. Price is right if needed. I gave Mark Furhman 
the "A" unit he is running in his car right now. There are 3 basic brains. 
"B" unit which replaced the "A".  The "D" which replaced the "C", and the "E".

 and of course the year to year differences really
> make parts hunting pleasant
> and, i can get the stock dual carbs, or hi-po dual carbs to run in cold
> weather without any problems

MY '71 FB has been sitting for over a month without being started. I bet I 
can go out there right now , and without even gettting in the car, hit the 
starter, and the car will start. My carbed '66 FB won't do that. With it, I 
have to set the chokes, and pump it a couple times to get it started when it 
has been sitting for a while.
> if money was no object, i would install a modern FI in a heartbeat, but
> i can't...with that said, i will always run carbs before stock FI...
Russ Wolfe
'71 Fastback AT ( hasn't been run in over a month)
'66 Fastback MT (IT RUNS)

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