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Re: [T3] Anyone POSITIVE about carbs?

<x-charset iso-8859-1>>I still believe that if someone is qualified to fix the modern FI systems
that are 10 times more complex than ours, troubleshooting ours should be
Cake!... if they have trouble, find a new mechanic!  theres nothing I cant
fix in 5 minutes.

I remembered another negative about carbs this morning, I drove the Notch
today and when I came out of the store 5 minutes after parking it the chokes
had already started to close and it ran like crap for the first mile or 2...
Ive followed advice and even removed the choke plates but here in NY, or
anywhere it goes below 60 or so youll end up starting the car 6 or 7 times
without some choke, this is unaccepable to me.  There are those who seem to
do better but I think the cars that always start well cold without chokes
are running way too rich to begin with, which is what I usually see with
aftermarket carb setups.


 I am just curious. I've read all the posts that promote staying with EFI
> I have yet to come across anyone really positive about dual carb's. I
> understand staying with EFI is the best scenario; but is anyone out there
> happy with their dual carbs???  I would like to hear from people that have
> POSITIVE experiences with dual carb type 3's. Please, take a few minutes
> give me hope.
> (P.S., I have about 15 saved past emails that have to do with EFI verse
> Carbs is anyone wants them. I am the one who Steven wrote about with the
> fuel injection system on her square.  I posted all my FI problems about 1
> 1/2 years ago, and we were unable to find the problem after all this time
> and my husband is about ready to get rid of my car.  Its been expensive
> extremely frustrating. We replaced what you are supposed to replace and
> checked everything you are supposed to check, over and over.  I
> all the great suggestions you all provided. you are really a wealth of
> knowledge and I enjoy reading the posts!  Take care!)
> '73 Squareback, used to be a daily driver, now barely running
> Prescott Valley, AZ
> > On 16 Nov 2001, at 23:20, Dave Hall wrote:
> >
> > > Maybe like Toby I've missed something fundamental in Jim's comment,
> > > and my twin carb Variant does more mpg than the EFI Fastback, so I
> > > don't necessarily agree with Toby either!  Darn painful this fence.
> > > ;-)
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