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Re: [T3] Pan off

<x-charset iso-8859-1>The problem isnt that the primer absorbs water, its that the primer is

Lacquer paint is VERY porous.

Its bondo that absorbs water like a sponge then bubbles out when it freezes.


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> There is a primer that doesn't absorb water (or so I was told).  I had it
> my baby, on multiple panels ;)  The body shop I went to knew it would be a
> while before she would see paint and they said this stuff would help.  I
> think it was a lacquer(?).  Any paint experts out there who would know for
> sure?
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> >> True.  But the car won't be in primer for much more than a few months
> >> and will be continually  sanded and worked on.  The inner panels have
> >> been POR-15'd and undercoated so the exterior is the only parts I'll
> >> need to keep an eye on. It'll also be out of the weather most of the
> >> time.  What's the paint code for a light blue in '69?
> >
> >I think "a few months" might be more than enough to let the rust
> >bubble through the primer.
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