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RE: [T3] Followup: Cold Start Valve/Rough Idle @ Warmup

On 16 Nov 2001, at 9:59, jim wrote:

> Actually on my car, there are no wires to or from the CSV.  Just the fuel hose,
> which I just replaced because it was leaking.  Perhaps this is why the car was
> idling rough?  It wasn't doing this two weeks ago when I gave it a tune-up.  But
> it ran well for about 4 days after the tune-up so maybe I bumped a fragile piece
> of FI hose when looking into the CSV initially and that did it... Since there is
> a fuel hose into the CSV but no electrical connections, it makes me wonder is
> some fuel is always making past the valve. Is there a way I could plug this fuel
> hose safely to see if the problem then goes away? That would help isolate the
> problem.

You could replace the CSV hose with a short stub, plugged with an 8mm 
bolt; just use any 8mm or 5/16" bolt that has an unthreaded section below 
the head.

> Anyway.  I would like to re-hookup the CSV to it's electrical switch and get the
> system working but the wiring harness is quite intimidating.  There is a
> "renegade" (i.e. cut) wire from the harness that was cut and has electrical tape
> at its end.  I assume this was cut from the CSV.  But it goes into the wiring
> harness and I loose track of it from there.  I need to follow it through, check
> where it goes and look at the wiring diagram. But like I said, it's
> intimidating.

You can check to see if this is the right CSV wire by measuring the voltage 
on it. It should have ~12V on it only while the starter is turning over the 

> > When you turn the key ON, the fuel pump should run for about 1 
> > second and then switch off. If you don't hear this happen (ie, if the 
> > pump continues to run) your wire is on the wrong terminal.
> Pump whirs for one second.  I do this everytime I start the car. 

Okay, good. This means that the starter wiring is correct.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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