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RE: [T3] Pollute less with more gas? (was: Dual carb versus EFI ?)

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Oops, sorry for that miss!  Yes, my Jetta DOES pass Oregon DOT testing --
and well below max levels! -- since I live in the Portland metro area.  I
bought the chip primarily because it is CARB *certified*!  I know that
several of the chip makers, ones that aren't CARB certified, boost
performance and don't disqualify on emissions.  Fuel AND timing maps are
changed in these chips.

My baby, on the other hand, would probably give the emission folks a heart
attack!  No, just kidding, I don't know what she would test out at since
she's exempt (older than 25 years) but I try to keep her in good condition
and she doesn't spew visible gases, so along w/decent mileage I would think
she's not bad...at least not a gross-polluter!

    Toby Erkson

>-----Original Message-----
>You don't mention your emissions, and I doubt if your car 
>would pass today. 
>I don't think any of the aftermarket chip sellers guarantee 
>EPA compliance, 
>that's why these are all sold "for off-road use only." So I 
>think it's pretty clear 
>that they have traded emissions for power and mileage.

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