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RE: [T3] Dual carb versus EFI ?

On 16 Nov 2001, at 8:48, Shirley, James J CDR (CNSP N4341) wrote:

> Do we as humans have the tendency to like carbs over fuel injection because of
> the tendency to fear what we don't know?  

Sure, the unknown is always a bit frightening.

> I resurrected my FI 72 Squareback from the dead and the more I worked the FI
> the more I was tempted to switch to carbs, but from reading the list, Muir,
> Bentley manuals and I like a good challenge the FI is now working like a
> champ. It still needs some slight tweaking to get it perfect but I would
> take FI over carbs any day because of the simplicity and reliability. 

I think for most people, the FI is perceived as complex, while carbs are seen 
as simple. I'd agree with them about the FI, but I think that carbs are pretty 
complex, too. It's just that most people are content to ignore the subtle side 
of carbs.

I once had a Mercedes with dual 2-barrel carbs. Seems to me that each carb 
had a pair of main jets, a pair of idle jets, a pair of emulsion tubes, a pair of 
idle air compenstation jets, an electric choke, an electromagnetic pilot jet 
and a float valve. Each of these things came in different sizes and MB had 
picked an assortment of sizes that worked for that engine/car. BTW, the 
jetting for the front and rear carbs was slightly different.

In the end that led to a very complicated system that I would never have been 
able to duplicate if I had just been given a complete assortment of all 
possible sizes of each item. Trying to understand the function of each one 
was also a bit of a challenge.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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