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RE: [T3] Pollute less with more gas? (was: Dual carb versus EFI ?)

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Okay, so you're statement is focused mostly to that time period, right?  I
understand where you're coming from.  I think that if we were to take our
air-cooled engine back to the engineers and say "Make it FI, run clean and
more power" the FI system would be different and we'd see combustion
chamber/intake/exhaust changes as well.  Like what Porsche had to do before
they finally threw up their hands and went water-cooled :)

My '95 Jetta GL is a 2.0L stock.  I get just over 30mpg on the highway and
about 100hp @ the wheels now that I've customized her (new engine management
chip...technology has come far!) whereas stock it was about 12hp less.  My
Squareback is 2.0L bored and stroked, carb'd, and gets a top mileage of
28-29mpg on the highway (Gene Berg Memorial Cruise 2000).  Estimated hp @
the wheels w/a 20% drivetrain loss is 112hp.  Stock condition her hp was
about half as less and for a '72 y'all know the mileage for FI better than

I think engineers have become much better at the game but for back in "our"
day, yes, things weren't as good.

So, do you think an after-market FI set up would be a better system, in
terms of power, emissions and mileage?  For argument sake, I'm assuming a
complete system, like an engine management system, that includes ignition
control.  As you know, today's engines just aren't FI like back when, they
are engine management systems because the fuel is manipulated by many
factors, including the ignition system.

    Toby Erkson

>-----Original Message-----
>I don't know why this should be true, but here are just a few 
>datapoints from 
>my experience. 
>Across the 6 years of the type 3 EFI the gas mileage our cars got came 
>slowly down as the emissions regs tightened. I ASSUME that our cars 
>polluted less as this happened.
>In general, I hear gas mileage figures for OE dual carb type 3s that are
>than what I expect to see for the EFI cars that I am familiar with...OTOH,
>was just about the worst period ever for cars, as the automakers had little

>experience worrying about either gas mileage OR emissions, and the results 
>were generally pitiful.
>Again, this is just my impression.

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