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[T3] A new Fastback owner!

<x-flowed>Howdy everyone!  I'm soon to be a new Type 3 owner.  I found the car thru 
the www.vwtyp3.org website. I'll be picking it up Sunday
It's a 1968 Fastback, savanna beige, 4 speed.  SOmetime in the past the FI 
system was partially removed and a carb installed.

My plans are to do a mild cal-look car.  Keep the bumpers and chrome in 
tact, probbily keep a stock interor , slightly lower and put on a set of 8 
spokes, lastly build a 1641 with dual singles and a header.

This is gonna be a summer toy, so I'm not too worried about gas milage, tire 
wear or any of that.

I do have some bug expreience, but not Type 3's.
That leaves me with a few questions....
First, are the sidemarker lights from the earlier cars still availible? I 
love those fender monted lghts.
Next, does a type 4 motor fit?  I have a chance to pick up a 1980 Vanagon 
motor for a core. It's worn out but free.
Anything else unusaual to look out for?
Any tips?
How about that stupid 9 prong relay they used for those few years, any way 
to work around those?


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