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[T3] Interesting item on eBay-AOL web site item#598043785: Volkswagen : RARE Type 1 Brasilia

O.K., to all the fellas 'whitilin' on the porch', here's a new topic of discussion...

Title of item:	Volkswagen : RARE Type 1 Brasilia
Seller:	oldbug.com
Starts:	Nov-15-01 12:54:21 PST
Ends:	Nov-20-01 12:54:21 PST
Price:	Starts at $3,000.00
To bid on the item, go to:	http://cgi.ebay.aol.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=598043785

Item Description:		

VW Trends Magazine Feature Car This Month!


Vehicle Description

A once in a lifetime chance to purchace one of the most unique and
RAREST VWs in the whole USA
And a prized part of the Oldbug Collection...
RARE 1976 Volkswagen Brasilia - Incredible 46,000 Original Kilometers
(That's 28,000 Original Miles!!!)
Original paint and interior...a Museum Quality Car.
 VW Trends Magazine
Feature Car
December 2001 Issue


I know what you are thinking..."What the heck is this?"
Well...let me fill you in...
This is a called a Brasilia, these were built by VW of Brazil
from 1973 to 1979
and are based on a standard Type 1 Karmann Ghia chassis and are powered
by an air-cooled upright 1600cc engine
(type 3 style case, with short VW Thing style fan shroud) with dual
Solex carbs.

Swing axle rear end, ball joint, disc brake front end, etc..
The Brasilia was never exported to the US (or Europe for that matter)
and were sold primarily in Brazil,
South Africa, the Phillipines, and a few wandered into Mexico and Portugal
from what I hear.

The front end has some resemblance to the Type 4 cars (411-412) but
the rest of it's styling is all unique.
(some say it looks like a VW Rabbit prototype or something)
Many parts used to build the car look to be off the parts shelf for
other models...

The interior is all unique to the model but features many recognizable
parts from other VW models
(note the early Type 3 shift knob, 70's model Beetle door handles and
window cranks, etc)
A strange but cool accessory is the factory fire extinguisher in the
passenger side footwell.

A photo of the engine, a familiar heart in strange surroundings.

This particular example was brought into the US by the original owner
(a professor) in 1979.
It was driven occasionally and then stored in his garage until a few
years ago when it was discovered by a local VW fanatic.
It has just 46,000 original kilometers on the odometer (roughly 28,000
miles) and still has it's original paint and interior.
The paint and body are in excellent condition and there is no signs
of "demon rust".
New tires, fresh brakes, it runs and drives excellent.
(note the original Brasilia wheels in this photo)

It's a small car with nice clean angles and balanced styling.
When designed, this was planned to be the replacement for the Beetle.
It sold in healthy numbers but never reached the popularity of it's
legendary predecessor.
Rear emblem in classic 70's VW script.
Area between taillights has had paint touched up, the rest of the car
is all original.
We have an extra windshield and muffler ...just in case you ever need
Car currently has a nice set of original chrome EMPI Sprint Star wheels.
Original Brasilia wheels with brand new tires are included in the sale.
Also included is the original owners manual, a reprinted version of
the same manual in English
an original sale brochure and a collection of other documentation of
the model.
One of only two known to exist
in the United States.
(have you ever seen another?)
The VW Museum in Wolfsburg doesnt
even have one of these!
This is an excellent car for the VW fan that wants something completely
Suitable for daily driving or as a museum piece.
Look for the full feature on
this car in VW Trends Magazine on news stands NOW!
(also photographed for Lets Play VW's magazine
in Japan)
Own one of the most unique VW's in the USA
Available here on Ebay.com
Bid Now and Bid Big!

For more information
Call 714-792-3975
Worldwide shipping is available!
Dont miss this opportunity...place your bids.

Vehicle Condition


Terms of Sale


Buyer must finalize thransaction within 14 days of auctions close. 

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