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RE: [T3] Followup: Cold Start Valve/Rough Idle @ Warmup

On 15 Nov 2001, at 14:32, jim wrote:

> Thanks for the advice on the Cold Start Valve (CSV).  It's not
> connected, but at least I know it only operates on startup and is not
> the cause the of my current problem.

We've had a couple of CSV questions lately, and I don't really keep 
them separated. Still, disconnecting the CSV does not disable the 
system completely. The FI wire to the started still has to be 
connected to the right terminal on the starter, or the EFI will 
continue to run rich.

When you turn the key ON, the fuel pump should run for about 1 
second and then switch off. If you don't hear this happen (ie, if the 
pump continues to run) your wire is on the wrong terminal.

> This past weekend I tested both temp sensors and they were OK.  I also
> adjusted the valves (which I should have done earlier).  They were
> pretty tight (#4 intake especially).  Setting them correctly has
> lessened the problem a great deal.  A PO glued the gaskets both to the
> engine and to the covers so it took great effort and great pain to
> remove the valve covers.  It was quite the knuckle-buster to get those
> off!

Are you sure you adjusted them correctly? The firing order is 1432 
and the 4 cylinders are numbered like this:

3	1
4	2

I only ask this because it is a little unusual for an intake to stand 
out as the one tight valve. 

Sorry to hear about the valve cover gaskets. There certainly are 
some real idiots out there!

> I still have the odd problem that the car idles somewhat poorly at
> idle and off idle (just starting out in a gear) the first time I start
> it.  However, if I drive it around the block easing it into gear for 5
> minutes THEN turn the car off and back on, it runs just fine?  So it
> seems to be running better at the moment, but it's a little off.  Any
> ideas why starting it over after it warms up a bit might cause it too
> run more smoothly?

Sorry, this doesn't ring a bell with me at all????

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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