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RE: [T3] Followup: Cold Start Valve/Rough Idle @ Warmup

Thanks for the advice on the Cold Start Valve (CSV).  It's not connected, but at least I
know it only operates on startup and is not the cause the of my current problem.

This past weekend I tested both temp sensors and they were OK.  I also adjusted the
valves (which I should have done earlier).  They were pretty tight (#4 intake
especially).  Setting them correctly has lessened the problem a great deal.  A PO glued
the gaskets both to the engine and to the covers so it took great effort and great pain
to remove the valve covers.  It was quite the knuckle-buster to get those off!

I still have the odd problem that the car idles somewhat poorly at idle and off idle
(just starting out in a gear) the first time I start it.  However, if I drive it around
the block easing it into gear for 5 minutes THEN turn the car off and back on, it runs
just fine?  So it seems to be running better at the moment, but it's a little off.  Any
ideas why starting it over after it warms up a bit might cause it too run more smoothly?

Thanks for the helpful know-how with the temp sensors and the CSV!


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