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Re: [T3] Auto transmission question

On 15 Nov 2001, at 17:17, Daniel Baum wrote:

> However one question arose:
> 1) The ATF read very low, assuming I was measuring it properly. I did as the
> books say, warmed up the engine, ran it through the gears, measured it with the
> engine running and the gearbox in neutral etc. I added far more ATF than I
> expected to need (1 quart), and it still showed it was low.

1 quart low is not too surprising, but it would probably not drive well in this 

> Can the level go this low due to normal neglect (my car had been badly
> treated for a few years) or is it a sign of a probable fault? Am I going
> about this the right way, or would you assume something is wrong. Sorry for the
> lack of self confidence, but I don't know much about automatic transmissions and
> don't want to screw something up through ignorance.

As long as you're being careful about the level I don't think you will hurt 
anything. There are just a few places that I can think of that the ATF could 
have gone.

1) Normal gasket leaks

2) leaky vacuum modulator, which would fill the VM hose with red ATF.

3) leaky internal seal between the AT and the final drive. You should check 
the final drive level and see if it seems high. You should also just drain and 
fill this chamber which is completely separate from the ATF. Use GL-5 gear 
oil of a weight appropriate to your climate; 80W-90 is a normal weight.

4) leaky O-ring seal around the governor cover. This is above and forward of 
the left output shaft. If this side is much oilier than the starter side, this is 
probably leaking. This is a very common problem.

Of these, only #3 is a big problem, because this requires significant 
disassembly to get to.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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