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Re: [T3] Anyone know about original radio mounts??

Jim wrote:
>>Your radio was not installed at the factory, but either at the dealer
afterwards. There's no way to tell for sure what kind of radio you had,
but I
can make a guess. Blaupunkt made a "portable" that slid into a kind of
sleeve for use in the car. It is possible that this is what you had. The
contained contacts for power, ground, antenna, and speaker. It's also
possible that this was a similar radio made by Grundig or Becker. I've
seen one of these in person, but perhaps someone else here has.<<

It's most likely to be a mount for a Blaupunkt Derby portable, but as
Jim says several German radio manufacturers offered these--Akkord is
another brand that was sometimes installed in VWs. Several European
radio dealers that are actively selling them on eBay. They're great
sounding radios and most included shortwave. The good news is that you
have the rare part, the radio itself should cost you around $100 at
most. Make sure you do enough research to be sure you're buying the
right radio for your mount.

62 1500 Ghia
65 1500S Squareback Sedan
01 Golf GL

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