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[T3] Auto transmission question

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Hi all,

Last time I tinkered with my car - a 1969 T34 automatic - I finally got it
to drive both forwards and backwards (approx 1 meter in each direction).
Obviously the adjustment of the auto shifter cable had solved the
transmission problems I was having.

However one question arose:

1) The ATF read very low, assuming I was measuring it properly. I did as the
say, warmed up the engine, ran it through the gears, measured it with the
engine running and the
gearbox in neutral etc. I added far more ATF than I expected to need (1
quart), and it
still showed it was low.

So now I have I bought 3 quarts of ATF (doesn't anyone sell this stuff in
liters?), and I'll try draining the oil and refilling it, in an attempt to
get the car into a known state before I pour oil into it.

3 quarts = 2.838 liters, which should put the level exactly between the high
and low lines.

Can the level go this low due to normal neglect (my car had been badly
treated for a few years) or is it a sign of a probable fault? Am I going
about this the right way, or would you assume something is wrong. Sorry for
the lack of self confidence, but I don't know much about automatic
transmissions and don't want to screw something up through ignorance.

Thanks and best regards,

Daniel Baum
'69 automatic T34

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