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Re: [T3] Dual carb versus EFI ?

<x-charset iso-8859-1>On Wednesday 14 November 2001 23:02, James Wallace wrote:
> Would someone please provide a "rookie" explanation of the trade offs
> between a EFI engine versus a dual carb set-up?

The orginal EFI, when set up properly, and everything is in good condition, 
is pretty much maintenance free. Just change a fuel filter occasionally, and 
supply it with clean gas. 
It is also not altitude sensitive. As you change altitude, the pressure 
sensor compensates, due to the barometric bellows inside.
Yes, our system is sensitive to voltage regulators going out of whack, but it 
is actually just telling you that you do have a charging system problem, 
before it becomes a major one, and leaves you stranded in a parking lot in 
the middle of a snow storm.
You don't need many tools to work on your EFI system, just a pressure gage, 
and a Volt/Ohm meter. (should have that if you are doing your own work anyway)
Carbs on the other hand, do kind of need constant tinkering. there are 
linkages that wear, and get out of adjustment. A little bit of dirt in a jet, 
can screw up your whole day.
With carbs, to tune them properly, you need some type of syncronizer, and 
then you have to fiddle back and forth to get them adjusted properly. And 
when you are all done, you may still have a hesitation, or stumble.
Next, do you have the jetting right. Has a previous owner changed something 
in the jetting, and is the engine too rich, or too lean.
With EFI, the ECU does all of the mixture adjustments automatically, 
according to the load and temperature of the engine.

Russ Wolfe
'71 Fastback AT
'66 Fastback MT (IT RUNS)

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