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RE: [T3] Engine Seal and ....

As far as I understand the Beetle has a 'ducted outlet' system & the Type 3
a 'ducted intake'. This means the Type 3 will overheat without the rubber
fan intake bellows in place - am I correct.

Now a question I have wondered about for a long time -
In a Type 1 Baja Bug conversion I think the cooling system is compromised &
will not work as well as VW intended it too  - same with a Buggy with a Type
1 or Type 3 motor in it (The hot air will just circulate). I have always
thought that motors in these vehicles will overheat & fail prematurely (I
have never seen a Baja Bug or a Buggy with a temp gauge fitted !) Is my
thinking correct ? Any other opinions?

Ian Ruinaard

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> Subject:	[T3] Engine Seal and ....
> Is there any sort of seal that goes around the engine? When I open my
> cover
> to the engine on my 1970 squareback I can see the ground on the left and
> right sides, is this suppose to be that way? I had a beetle until recently
> and that had to have the engine tins and the rubber seal between the tins
> and the body or you would have trouble with overheating. I am new to Type
> 3's so bear with me.
> Also where is the oil sensor hook up to on this engine. When I start the
> engine the light does not come on. So I was wondering if it was just not
> hooked up or if my bulb was out..
> Thanks in advance,
> Ryan
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