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RE: Re: [T3] 67 SQBK?

Hi All,

I have a "late" '67 Beetle, with well worn, but original seats.  I know of other '67 Beetles like this as well.  Well the "late" '67  Beetle seats are lowbacks, with the '68 up seatback release levers on the sides, (it seems that the '67's were a transition year across the ranges).  VW was known for doing this kind of stuff throughout the years, (Oval Dash/Split Window '52 Beetles, (Zwitters),  are a prime example). This might also explain the stampings, (but no cutouts in the front apron) as well.  As Keith said, VW did this in transition to the '68's.


John La Francois
Blauvelt, NY USA
'65 Notch S (Nub)
'67 Beetle (Bailey) with late seats
'98 Jetta GL (Wolfgang)

"Tom Hansen" <DrSoWatt@worldnet.att.net> wrote:

>Nope, the factory didn't do this until the Hi-backs came out. I may have the
>only set of early seats in existence with the side release knob, but I made
>the seats out of lates and early seats. See my site for an explanation of
>what I did.
>>has anyone seen a 67 with no seat lever on the top part of the seat and it
>has the cable in the door?
>My replacement NOS front apron came that way, un-cut dimples for the bumper
>>Also, the front apron is like the 68 replacement with the dimpled area for
>the front bumper reinforcement tube.  But these are not cut out.  If this is
>a replacement, it shows absolutely not signs of being changed.  > Chris &
>> 67 SQBK
>> 90 GTI
>> Nevada USA
> Tom's Old VW Home
>  http://home.att.net/~drsowatt/index.htm

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