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Re: [T3] Engine Seal and ....

On 14 Nov 2001, at 15:20, Ryan_Schamper@hermanmiller.com wrote:

> Is there any sort of seal that goes around the engine? When I open my cover
> to the engine on my 1970 squareback I can see the ground on the left and
> right sides, is this suppose to be that way? I had a beetle until recently
> and that had to have the engine tins and the rubber seal between the tins
> and the body or you would have trouble with overheating. I am new to Type
> 3's so bear with me.

What you have is correct for a type 3. OTOH, you should check 
the rubber bellows at the rear of the engine and make sure that it is 
intact so that only cool air gets pulled in to cool the engine.

> Also where is the oil sensor hook up to on this engine. When I start the
> engine the light does not come on. So I was wondering if it was just not
> hooked up or if my bulb was out..

Toward the front of the engine (front is front) and to the left of 
center. It is screwed into the top of the oil cooler. It's very important 
that this be working properly, so you've asked a very important 
question here. 

To test the wiring, just turn the key ON and disconnect the wire 
from the top of the sensor. The idiot light should come on when you 
short the wire to ground. If all that works, then the sensor is bad. If 
grounding the wire has no effect, then the bulb is a good place to 
check next.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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