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Re: Deciding on a pan-off

<x-charset iso-8859-1>=> Can you tell me the advantages to
=> taking the pan off for T3'S?

Everyone agrees this is a big process, but for the owner who is really
compelled to do the restoration job 100% right, has the time, the tools, the
money and the space, and truly enjoys the process, it may be the right
choice. I almost went that far with my car, but was dissuaded by what may be
the primary reason not to do it: old collision damage. Even a light corner
hit can set up stresses in the body that won't become evident until the pan
comes off, and can prevent getting it back on again. You have to have the
right car for this, or at least be fully prepared to go the distance,
whatever happens. It's hard to know what's under there. You also have to
really love that car, because you're talking about getting married to it.
Forget resale value, you're now in money-pit territory.

The advantages I would have liked to have:
You can thoroughly clean, strip, and recoat the pan
Ditto the body sealing surfaces and underbody
New body/pan seal and fender seals
Easier assembly and inspection of suspension and driveline
(though you can't finalize adjustments until body and interior are on)

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600

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