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Re: [T3] New Web site!

<x-charset iso-8859-1>I agree with Jim.  I wonder how will they make money to support the website
costs if they aren't going to sell any information? There doesn't appear to
be any way for them to make money on the website.  I don't see any ads or

By the way, last week I posted a link for a website that I'm working on
called www.texasbugstop.com  It will also have a classifieds section but it
will also allow you to search by PART NUMBER for those N.O.S. fanatics  This
isn't a shameless plug - its just to let you know why I posted the link (I
know the guys work personally and he doesn't make money off of his
website... it is an EXPENSE).  Of course, he does hope to sell some rebuilt
/swap items in the future, but nothing more than a few occassional items.

I was certain to keep the Type 3 community in mind when I designed the
graphics for the website.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

68 Notch

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> On 13 Nov 2001, at 22:37, JASON CORNFELD wrote:
> > hey guys! I dont know how I got this web address in my mailbox! but I
> > it will be a cool site when it opens december 10th! Check it out!!
> >
> > http://www.vwaddicts.com
> I tend to be suspicious of places that ask you to register where I can see
> real reason to do so. I'm concerned that they're collecting email address
> sell for advertisment purposes. I already get too much junk mail, both
> and electronic. The last thing I want to support is more spam.
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