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Re: [T3] New Web site!

I got this reply shortly after I posted my previous concerns about this web 
site and its registration. I had sent the same messaget to the webmaster 
there and here is his response:

On 14 Nov 2001, at 10:30, Jesus Rodriguez de Vera wrote:

> Jim,
> We understand your concern. We are not interested on reselling, or providing
> your information to any mailing list. The purpose of registration is for our
> own records only to keep track of the usage of the site. We appreciate your
> commentary and will add the proper privacy disclaimers on the registration
> page to avoid further doubts on this subject.
> We are trying to build a community of VW lovers and that's why we want
> everybody to have a handle assigned, so every body will have their own
> identity. This user id (handle) will link all the information related to a
> user like a member profile, gallery postings, forum postings and most
> important feedback from other users. This way if you decide to use the
> classifieds to purchase merchandise you will be able to do so with
> confidence, since any wrong conduct from member will most likely be posted
> on the feedback section.
> There will also be a couple of features (AOL like) such as Instant Messaging
> or ICQ indicators, that require for users on the site to have a unique
> handle.
> Also by registering, your real identity will be hidden from other users.
> When placing classifieds, users will be able to contact you by your handle
> name and the system will automatically redirect the message to your personal
> email, thus other users won't need to know your real address (nobody will be
> able to add your address to a mailing list by taking it from our site).
> I hope this explains a little bit why we want to register our members.
> Thank you,
> webmaster@vwaddicts.com

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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