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Re: [T3] Pan-off reply

On 14 Nov 2001, at 1:53, MNWebb@aol.com wrote:

> Jim - I am asking because I am wanting to do a clean restoration starting at 
> the ground floor. Please inform me about why it is so difficult.

It's difficult because you will be taking almost everything apart. Unless you 
are already familiar with all the parts, you will have a tough time getting it all 
back together. I don't know you, or your level of experience, but the fact that 
you asked the question suggests that you're new to this and it was just 
something that you may have read a bit about and thought it sounded like a 
good idea. If you start down this road, plan to spend at least a year at it, and 
keep in mind that most cars which get taken this far apart never get put all 
the way back together.

So my main concern is whether starting out down this path will mean the 
loss of another type 3 to overenthusiastic restoration plans. I really would like 
to see you work and learn on some less ambitious goals first. In other words, 
before you learn to run, you need a good bit of practice at crawling and 

Please don't take this as insulting. I truly mean it in the best, most 
encouraging way. I hope you stick with your type 3 and learn to know it 
inside and out.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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