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Re: [T3] Generator Part 2

Oops....sorry about the blank note to Jim and the List.....hit the wrong 
key.....must be giddy from my midnight test run with the 66 Square.

I pulled the generator again and took it apart to check out the windings and 
stuff per Bentley.  Everything checked out, so I cleaned all the contacts and 
the commutator and the brushes and carefully put it back together and 
reinstalled it.  Fired her up and she was happily charging away.  
Yaaahhhhhoooooooo!  Not sure what fixed it,  but I am not complaining.

Took her for the first real spin around the neighbor, even out on to the 
freeway.  She got up to 65mph no problem.  Didn't push it beyond that since I 
still have the old bias ply tires on the back and radials up front......I 
know not great, but I have to recondition a couple of rims before getting the 
radial on for the back.  I cruised the neighborhood for 20 minutes or so and 
then pulled back into the garage.  All the wheel hubs and brakes were 
reasonable warm.  I could hold the dipstick between my fingers.  She idled 
happily along when necessary.  All the lights work, etc, etc, etc.

Very happy to be driving a T3 again.  It is supposed to be unseasonable warm 
here in SE Michigan the next few days.  I am going to try to get a few miles 
on her before the snow and salt hit.  Shake out any bugs.......then put her 
away for the winter.

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